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Ozymandias on Ice

So I'm at synchro practice at the rink and I'm raring to get on the ice. The pick-up hockey game has gone over and the zamboni driver is taking his sweet time cutting the ice. The hockey guys are changing right in front of us because we took over their locker room for our team meeting again. Lovely to look at but not doing my nostrils any favors.

Finally, I get to zoom out and stroke for a quick warm-up. Forward perimeter, back perimeter. And I am zooming. I'm keeping up with the novice and junior girls because when I want'em I've got leeegggs. My legs are extended, my crossovers are perfect. And I'm looking out of the corner of my eye to see if those half-naked hockey guys are looking. Oooh yeah, they're looking...I've still got it. My red hair is flying behind me, my arms are in that strong but languid position. And they're looking...might as well throw in some sexy cross-rolls, hmmm? And I'm feeling it: feeling the ice and my body. I'm pumping hard now and not even breaking a sweat. I am my blades. Look at me. I AM OZYMANDIAS, LOOK AT MY WORKS YE MIGHTY AND... *toepick* !SPLAT! ow

Bwahahahaha! You just gotta love it!
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