Romany (romanyg) wrote,

Pic spam because I can't bend my flexible head around the wank.

So mailerose posted a Behind The Scenes post for Smallville from Getty Images and txtequilanights posted some as well. ali_cons made some great icons from the vast amount of Getty Images.

So I'm posting some of my favorite ones...

I cannot stop staring. He is soooooo beautiful.

His hands, guh. Plus the wedding band pleases me muchly. Because I'm glad he's committed and happy. Even in PretendLand, I don't imagine it. He's just reallyreallyreally pretty.

Someone should give Rodin a call. One of his sculptures got away.

He's the man in charge. Yes, he is. *g*

Okay, I know this scene and it's all about the confrontation. But looking at the still, I'm thinking Lionel/Clark? What?!? Noooooooo! My brain!

They've got the look...o_O

What did he say? What did he say?

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