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Writing. Except Not.

Right now I'm at the blinking cursor and blank screen stage of writing. As in staring at my blinky buddy for hours. And then saying, I know, imma do some more *research*.

But all this *research* isn't making my blinky buddy move forward. Not one character forward.

Ugh. I hate this part. And it happens every time I try to crawl out of a dry spell. Every. Freaking. Time.
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Fan Art and dinner.

Runkirya on tumblr made and posted this drawing inspired by an old Clark/Bruce fic of mine. Yay! I'm always pleasantly surprised and grateful when someone is inspired by something I've done. I don't get asked "May I...?" regarding any of my fics very often.

This is the first time someone completely bypassed my LJ to do it though. Because LJ is like that town in Cars now. *sad face*

Also, when I say old fic, well, mine are *all* old. Urgh. I might be working on that. Maybe.

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Drive-by recs

MCU is the current monster fandom now, isn't it? It's just so *huge*, how can anyone find anything? I'm kind of dragging my feet about getting involved because I've *always* been on the caboose of any major fandom I've been in. Always. That being said, I have two three recs:

Goodbye Piccadilly, Farewell Leicester Square by Speranza. It's Steve/Bucky plus Avengers ensemble. With time travel!

And this glorious new MCU vid by lim.

Not MCU (but related, if you count Chris Evans), if you've seen the movie Snowpiercer, this *excellent* meta review is a must-read: Meta: Snowpiercer, We Live In The Dark. I have *serious* meta FEELS and ENVY from this. This will make you rethink the entire movie. Really.
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Guilt!: Someone wants an update.

I just finished posting all my fic to AO3 here. Wow, even with the user-friendly interface, it took...a bit. But now it lives somewhere else besides LJ. I haven't been around much, but I seem to hear echoes of reliability issues with this here place. So a back-up is probably a good idea.

But! Okay, I wasn't expecting much in the way of clicky-action since I back-dated everything to original date of publication. And I pretty much put everything of any length up there, including my WIPs. And...one of them has an update subscriber. For a work I haven't touched in six years. Yikes. The guilt!
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I have no idea what to say.

So yeah, doing my yearly check-in. I guess? It seems less and less people are around these days. Are you all on tumblr now?

Speaking of tumblr, someone camped my fan-name. Yes, romanyg is taken, but it's an empty journal. ROM ANGRY! ROM SMASH!

Also, I shall attempt to upload my fics to AO3. This will take me about, er, 20 years or so to accomplish. But this is what all the young kids do these days? I mean, I know all the *really* young kids do Wattpad. But everyone *else* is storing to AO3. Yes or yes? And surprise - a pleasant one! - some of my SV fic is already there since SSA went down and the kind folks at AO3 transferred all and sundry. But I have some figurings out to do to get anything else up there my own self. *sigh*

*sheepish wave* Hi!
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Geekier Than Thou: or Tara Tiger Brown says, 'Dear Fake Geek Girls: Please Go Away'

First things first: Not dead. Hi! In lieu of explanation, I'll just dive right in.

So over at Forbes, Tara Tiger Brown posts Dear Fake Geek Girls: Please Go Away, where she tells us that, back in the day, she had to rub sticks together to make *fire*, and lol! kids today, they got lighters and matches and stuff. So weak! Gotta do the time! Or the geek equivalent thereof. I've got at least 10 years on her so *sporfle* to her 'you kids, get off my lawn!' thing.

Haven't we had this discussion before? Sigh.

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One thing I can thank her for, I decided to think and speak again. *g*

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The spammers made me purple!

With laughter and rage that is. I've neglected my in-box for far too long and just had to delete a kabillionity spam comments. Like hyenas, they've sensed that this is a dying journal. Sigh. This gazelle's not dead yet!

RL is still BLARGH! but I'm once again taking a WoW break. I just got hit by a big ol' bucket of "Why am I doing this again?", especially since I have growing Romanitas, and did the LOG OUT of doom. WoW will go on without me, I'm sure. *g*

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A long time coming: Thank you, denyce and discord26 for the lovely v-gifts.

Is everyone on Dreamwidth now? I do not know the fannish climate anymore!

In other words: Hi!
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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all! *wishes goodies for everyone*

Now I'm off to help the Romanitas celebrate. Hopefully, I won't have to peel them off the ceiling later. *g*