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It's all about Tom, er, Clark, okay both!

1. Everyone's seen this vid of Tom sexing it up to Joi's "Lick"? For 6 min and 45 secs? No? Gah! Go and melt! Thank you, mskatej, for making my life a little *ahem* brighter. *g*

2. Want all Tom all the time? Then go join justtomwelling. I know I did. *happy sigh*

3. Want all Clark all the time? Then go join allaboutclark. Because Clark Kent needs some serious discussion and loving too.

4. Valentine's Day is coming up and what better way to celebrate than by joining wishkisses? I took Lynne's request for Spike/Angel and requested Clark/Lex. Hopefully someone loves me enough to make me a happy fangirl? *bats eyelashes*
Tags: comm pimps, recs
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