Romany (romanyg) wrote,

The Comeback Story That I Want to See.

Hi! Still really busy and really behind. If you see me pop up in your older entries that's because I'm playing catch-up.

Apparently, a few love memes passed through LJ-town. Thank you to the people that mentioned me! *hugs flist*

Okay, that said...

The Serious Gam needs to make a serious comeback.

ETA: I forgot to add these beautiful women from the same era.

I'm tired of looking at THIS held up as the epitome of beauty. Hey, Fashion Industry, the Ban is good for health reasons. Truly. But we're also tired of looking at THAT.

Twiggy was so 40 years ago.

*This rant brought to you by my having to flip through 'fashion' mags while waiting for a haircut. Yes, I forgot my book.*
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