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I didn't get to LJ much yesterday and I doubt I'll be able to today. Which means: no open_on_sunday drabble and I'll miss out on all the juicy fic/discussions. I'll try to play catch-up when I can. (I owe nihilistbear a serious pimp because she wrote Spangel slash. Yes, one of my Spuffy friends wrote Spangel for the first time. Let's see...Spuffy + Spangel = B/S/A. I love my wacky math. Because B/S/A is my OT3. Hmmm, I need a new icon to spread the seed of B/S/A.)

I promise I will get to you all when I can. But right now I need to water the children, pet the husband, and contain the chaos swirling in my house before it leaks out into the world and destroys you all. Never mind me, I've been up all night with sick children and I'm a bit punchy.

::kisses you all::
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