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Fic excerpt: "Détente", SV, Lana/Chloe/Lex/Clark, Adult, part three

Okay, some of you might have been asking, "Where, woman, is the Clex in this OT4 thing?" Maybe no one, but here it is anyway. *g*

Previous parts here.

Title: Détente (part 3)
Author: Romany
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Lana/Chloe/Clark/Lex
Rating: Adult, NC-17
Length: 1232 words
Spoilers: post-series, AU after "Promise" SV 6x16
Warnings: het, slash, femslash, threesome/foursome, angst - this part slash.
Disclaimer: Not mine, seriously. All belongs to Al & Miles, WB/CW and DC Comics.

Summary: Lana and Chloe go to Paris. Lex and Clark follow.

Chloe came home to find Lex and Clark sitting down at the café, with at least three wine bottles haphazard on the table. And two wine glasses. Since when did Clark drink? Except when he'd been dipping into the RedK. A little dab'll do ya. Crap.

And he'd dressed up too, dark blue silk button-down, designer jeans, tousled hair. Totally not Clark attire. Just Mr. L'Homme Vogue, fresh off the runway. Breathtaking. Double crap.

And they were arguing, harsh American voices rising above the murmured French.

"...but they're people, Lex! You've got no right to play God!"

"You've never been one for the big picture, Clark. Do not presume to judge me. And who's the one playing God here? You make decisions every day, the ramifications of which...Well, that's the last of the wine. Should we order another?"

Okay, just color her confused. Same old argument, minus the fists and the breaking of things.

"Hey, Chloe!" Clark said, smiling, honest and open and just what the hell was going on? "Pull up a chair..."

"I'll get the check," Lex said, rising. Stiff and curt. He rose and went inside, the careful walk of the mobile side of plastered.

"Hey, big guy, you're here early." Clark, since this whole thing started, had been Mr. Last Minute. Always. Sometimes Lex would arrive early, sit down for a cordial espresso with her before following her upstairs. But this afternoon was she ever the persona non grata here.

"What's up?" she said as she hugged him. And he smelled nice and expensive, lavender and moss, quadruple digit personal care product, hair slightly damp.

"Clark?" she said. "Please...just no...don't tell me..."

"I won't," he said, pulling away, looking down. "Just...don't ask. Please, Chloe, it's complicated."

"You know better, Clark! What the hell were you thinking?"

"Chloe...please...I can't..."

"One time thing, Clark, I get it. It's okay." Like she could say that she hadn't oopsed with Lex that once. Clark didn't get on her case then. Just back off like a good little friend, Sullivan, and the boys'll be spitting at each other again in no time. The world just has to balance like that.

Clark didn't reply, just kissed her on the cheek. "When's Lana home?" he said.

"Any minute. She might be getting an opening at this little gallery in the Deuxième."

"Hey, that's great! I'm happy for her." His smile returned and his arm went over her shoulder. "Here's Lex. Let's go up."

Lex, once again, said nothing to her but merely followed when she opened the door.

Lana placed the market bags on the counter, took out the bottle of Scotch, poured Lex a glass the way only ex-Mrs. Luthors could and set it in front of him. Lex stood by the window, hands braced against the sill. The glass balanced, precarious, on that sill.

He'd said a total of three words in the past half hour.

Was he wasted or what?

Lana made a salad. She and Chloe sat down to eat.

"Clark, you hungry?" Chloe said.

"No. No, I'm good." He stood in the center of the room, staring at Lex's back like it was a cup of tea leaves or something.

"Hey," he said softly, moving behind Lex, putting his hands on his shoulders. "You okay?"

Lex turned slowly, took one of Clark's hands and placed it against the side of his face, leaned into it. Closing his eyes, he said, "I should have killed you when I had the chance."

"You've tried, Lex. A few times." Clark rubbed his thumb along his cheek. "We've had a rough start."

"If I wanted you dead, Clark, you would be." Regret and fear just permeated the man. Chloe took her fork out of her mouth, set it down.

"Is that what you want?" Clark said.

"No," Lex replied, soft, a whisper.

"Oh Lex..." Clark leaned in, kissed him.

Okay, she was putting a stop to this right now. But before she could stand, Lana placed her hand over hers, shook her head a firm no.

Sick of their soap opera, just sick of it. She wasn't going to watch, wasn't...Manipulative jerk. Bastard. Asshole. She couldn't find a word in the English language for him. God, Clark, how old are you that you fall for this shit?

Lex started undoing the buttons on Clark's shirt, pressing the kiss harder, pushing him back. "Clark..." he said.

How was she supposed to finish her dinner now?

Lex flung his coat aside, uncaring, fell to his knees, undid Clark's belt. Clark sighed, trembled a little.

Well, Clark loved to be blown and two mouths were better than one. She started to rise again.

Clark looked over at her. Shook his head and mouthed Not Tonight. He looked back down at Lex, smiled, caressed the back of his head.

Now Lex could suck Clark off fast, all while managing to say the dirtiest things, but not now. Tonight, he went slow, silent, locking eyes with Clark like some sort of freaking prayer. Jesus come down from the cross. And you know, that's private. A two-person thing, not a floor show.

For the love of God, get a room.

Clark pulled him up, still hard. They still had the mental telepathy going, eye-gazing. Clark took off Lex's shirt, undid his pants. They kissed again. He grabbed the blanket off the couch and laid Lex down on top of it.

Lex finally broke the silence with a "Rough, Clark. Do it rough." And he turned, facing away.

"No," Clark said, low, turning him back, facing him. "Like this." He kissed him again, Lex rising to return it, legs wrapping around Clark's back.

When did Clark get all Quiet Man and confident?

Oh my God. This wasn't new. Not an oops in the afternoon, a new-found rush. They didn't need to get a room because they'd been in a room. A lot. And not some restaurant bathroom. Okay, maybe at first. Chloe tried to drive away the image of Lex at some steakhouse pushing Clark back against a stall, saying, 'Shhh', driving past Clark's defensive horseradish breath, but she couldn't.

Game over. Everybody out of the pool.

"He needs somebody, Chloe. What we have isn't fair," Lana whispered, hand still over hers, a gentle reprimand.

Who needs? Clark? Clark would be okay without Lex, really. And Lex...well he just stepped in it, didn't he, and now he's stuck. Cornered. Back against the wall, the floor, who cares? Back against something. Vulnerable and belly up.

Oh Clark, you have no idea...

"I've got you," Clark said. "It's okay. Let go."

And Lex just went crazy. Crazy at the speed of molasses. Kissing and stroking. All 'Clark' and 'please' and she was just embarrassed for him. The great Lex Luthor with Clark's cock up his ass and begging.

He'd remember the witnesses later. Chloe was damn sure about that.

None of them should have taken off the safety gloves with Lex. Least of all Clark. Safety gloves, safety goggles...the only safety that should be off around Lex was the one on a gun.

And then she heard something terrible among the whispers and groans. "Love" emanated from the floor and someone echoed it back.

Oh Clark, he got to you. He finally got to you and you caved. You caved...

She turned away.
Tags: fic, fic excerpt, fic: detente, sv, sv/dcu fic, wip
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