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Just Peel Me a Fresh Orange

There's one word that will make me hunt down my friend Mr. Backbutton so fast that my fingers tremble. And that's "lover". Yes, I am weirder than weird. And I've never really contemplated why until now.

With writers that I know, that I trust, I'll keep reading. But if I don't know you? I'm out. Goodbye. End of story.

For me, "lover" is antiquated shorthand for a relationship that needs to be earned. I prefer the ambivalences of everyday life as well as the grand scope of epic. Feet up on the coffee table, love among the ruins. I don't need a guy in a rented RenFaire outfit, fresh from mandolin lessons, prancing into the middle of a story. Kills the mood.

"Sir Robin, he hath run away..." And God yes, me too.

Peel me a fresh orange, don't bring me that fruit cake out of the freezer frostbitten of all metaphor.

Just yeah, I'm weird. What can I say?
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