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Happy Birthday, Tom Welling!

I'm ashamed to admit this, but Tom is a lot more intelligent than I was prepared for. It is the same prejudice with people that are that good-looking, which is that I have to be smarter than them. It was wonderful to find Tom is smart, well-read, and funny. We've had wonderful conversations about acting, politics, and religion.

--James Marsters

Milestone! Tom Welling turns 30 today.

So exactly half a lifetime ago, he looked like this. If he had been cast as Clark at this age, I would have helped Bo Kent get his shotgun so he could chase Lex out of the hayloft. *gives young Tom milk and cookies*

But then he got all growed up. Here he is modeling away...Tom shakes it up.

So what is underneath that shirt, Tom? Oh, I see...*eyes glaze over*

I'm sorry, model thin or mountain man, he's still gorgeous. To all those fangirls who turned up their nose at this? Talk to me when you've got something this great to go home to.

Tom decided to put his feet up on the coffee table, get domestic, and yay! Here he is with his wife Jamie. Aren't they pretty together?

Still one fabulous hunk of man, look at his ring finger. Tom/Wedding Ring = OTP for me. Oh, integrity, thy name is Tom...

He may have to take the ring off for work, but look! Tan line! *melts*

Tom finally gets behind the camera. Mr. DirectorSexyPants (TM tasabian).

Happy Birthday, Tom. May you and Jamie celebrate in many wonderful ways.
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