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Thoughts: Smallville 6x19, "Nemesis"

Okay, I would like to talk about the wonder that is Lady MacLana, how Luthorian she's become, but maybe I'll get to that in a later post because now I want to talk about Clark and Lex.

When you meet someone who can pull you out of the trenches, you don't just give up on them.

--Jodi Keenan

Oh yes, her desperation and need are analogous not to the relationship between Lex and Lana but the one between Lex and Clark. Lex told Clark in "Trespass" that he no longer mattered, but here we see differently. We see both of them, in full chamber drama angst, react to each other in the old ways.

Lex: We need to go back.
Clark: It's too late for that.

The tunnels crumble around them, much like their relationship has, unsustainable and life-threatening. And yet here they rescue each other, tell each other truths that hurt more than the lies. We see Lex express an honesty here that he hasn't in quite some time. And we see Clark express open pain at the possibility that they were never friends.

Clark: Were we ever really friends, Lex?
Lex: I don't know. I've got nothing to compare it to.

And he doesn't. Without Clark, Lex has to choose Lionel as the best man for his wedding. Lex has only ever had one friend in his adult life, and that's Clark. But Clark is just becoming a man himself. For all the betrayal that Lex feels, he put adult expectations on a high school boy. Dandelion wishes and corn fields. He expected so much, no boundaries, a truth that he felt he had the right to know.

Clark: Would it have mattered, Lex?

Yes. No. Maybe. Clark still matters. His opinion of Lex still matters. Lex is a bit taken aback to see Clark bleeding and vulnerable. Like Lana on the surface, he's used to a Clark who seems impenetrable and capable. This doesn't prevent him from lashing out, but it unnerves him all the same. He bandages him, pries him free, demands that he come along. Even his look, as he's hugging Lana, is reminiscent of that look he gave Clark in "Jitters" and "Insurgence" and even "Reckoning".

And this scares me somewhat. Because a vulnerable Clark appeals to Lex. When he's hurt and open, Lex sees something otherwise denied him. It's possible that he feels *close* to Clark at these moments.

This means that the lab table labeled "Clark Kent" may be nearer than farther away.
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