Romany (romanyg) wrote,

Drive-by rec: "Burning Bridges" by kantayra

One of the most enticing things about Smallville are the human moments in an epic landscape. And one of those human moments is the twist on the lifelong enmity between Superman and Lex Luthor - how it began as the Friendship of Legend. They meet violently on a bridge, much like Robin Hood and Little John, or to go back farther, Gilgamesh and Enkidu. A crash, a clash of bodies and then the clasping of hands.

But we know how the story must end. A battlefield, brothers facing each other across it. And there is that moment of remembrance, a hesitation, before the swords are raised.

This is that story.

Burning Bridges by kantayra might be considered a coda to "Nemesis", there is the backdrop of fate, of ending, but there is that bridge, the space between.

And perhaps I went over the top with the image of legend, but these are two larger than life characters who each become the crucible for the other. There is love, a bond, that transfiguration can't extinguish. There is futility, swimming against a current. This is the quiet space, clouds heavy, before the coming of the rain.

And I take the time to rec this story because the author marks it as slash and the het and gen people on my flist might not click through because of that. This is not a story of two hot guys eying each other. No slash goggles necessary. This focuses on Clark & Lex. The ampersand, the curve and pull of it, is the important thing here.
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