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The Weekend Off and Lists

Family obligations have taken me away from LJ, and I have to go out of town for the weekend. I still have (many) requests to fill on the personal canon/fanon meme.

Lists (mostly for me):

Charles Gunn (AtS) for viciouswishes
Lois Lane (SV) for radioreverie
Chloe Sullivan (SV) for alizarin_nyc
Lana Lang (SV) for norwich36
Clark Kent (SV) for bagheera_san

Note: The character facts seem to get a bit longer as I go (i.e. Gunn's is a short list while Clark's ended up as three separate ficlets). I might need to go and lengthen the first two characters on the list.

Riley Finn (BtVS) for slinkling
Lex Luthor (SV) for mskatej
Lex Luthor (SV) for serenography
Buffy Summers (BtVS) for frelling_tralk
Bruce Wayne (DCU) for literaryll
Angelus (BtVS/AtS) for all_you_wanted
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (BtVS/AtS) for radioreverie
Connor (AtS) for bop_radar

If anyone doesn't mind waiting until I get back, I'll still accept prompts here.

Also I still need to reply to some comments on my Unpopular Opinion (SV) post. My apologies to xparrot, jakrar, attaccabottoni, and bop_radar. I haven't forgotten! I'm just slow. And can't walk in a straight line apparently.
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