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The Great LJ Purge, take # eleventy-something.

Most of you are aware by now of LJ/6A's decision to purge, under pressure from an outside group, accounts with questionably legal interests. These deletions, as far as we know, are permanent and there is no course for redress. But what they've done is purge these accounts using a sledgehammer so that predator and victim alike are silenced, as well as intellectual discourse and survivor support venues.

This affects fandom deeply since these are issues that have been weighed, written and discussed for some time. But this goes beyond fandom. For if one victim is silenced, her personal history erased, that is one too many and should be considered a social crime. And how many more victims will look for a support network that is no longer there? The outside people that instigated this purge seem to care little for the victims that already exist. They have no interest in damage control but only in creating damage themselves.

Unfortunately, if you give a monkey a dart, there's a chance that he'll hit the dartboard, and that's precisely what this small and self-proclaimed organization has done. They've found a legal loophole within LJ's original TOS that LJ had to take seriously. And LJ, as far as I can tell since they've yet to make an official announcement, took draconian measures to save their organization any real civil or criminal litigation. And no matter how much we stand together to retract any future monies that we had been planning to pour into the LJ coffers, all of that is not going to add up to the amount of a single lawsuit in which LJ/6A would be named as the defendant.

Also, to hurt LJ/6A financially is nothing but victory to this outside organization since they consider LJ/6A to be an abettor to the perpetrators they're trying to silence.

So I'm not sure what the solution is. It's a big painful mess.

I did place the following comment in the latest news thread:

I am also a permanent account holder who is perplexed that you have yet to publicly address the current situation of account suspensions. As a way of showing my support for the services that you provide, I've given countless paid account, increased icon and virtual gifts to individual and community accounts over the three and a half years that I've been here. If I go through my records, these gifts amount to thousands of dollars. This may be a small sum to your company, but with the additional comments upthread from other "LJ fairies" such as myself, the withdrawal of such financial support will add up to much more than that.

It pains me that this may very well be the outcome that the outside group, that originally pressured you into taking action against your account holders, wants. They certainly will consider this backlash a victory since they win either way.

Many of us still value your service and all we ask, at the very least, is your public acknowledgment of the situation. Please. Until then, I cannot put money into something that may very well disappear in whole or in part.

I'm sorry. I do know that you are real people dealing with a serious quandary. But as a business, you need to address your customers.

So yes, I am withholding any financial support until, at the very least, LJ makes an official statement. And that affects you and I'm sorry. Many of you know that I give birthday and just-because gifts to my flist. I do this for everyone on it. I'll have to find another avenue in which to do that. For now.

I'm not going to lockdown anything that's currently public. I am not going to change my interests list. I have, however, backed up my entire journal using ljbook. Which is just a good idea anyway since there's no guarantee that LJ won't lose that data through no fault of their own.

I'm also romanyg over at greatestjournal for those that are going over there. I've been terrible about checking that account, let alone posting to it. But whither thou goest, I will go. Your country shall be my country. And so forth.
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