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The doctor is important here, the doctor must always be important...

Rainy day. Got the kids off to preschool late because I spent half an hour on the phone arguing with the pediatric gastroenterologist. She wants me to take Genny in for more tests, get her to see the endocrinologist, cram more food down her throat. So far all the tests have been negative. What's the problem? She's small. No illness, no pain, she is just small. The pediGI called it "not achieving her full growth potential." I asked if there were any health implications due to her weight and stature. Would she experience heart problems, kidney problems, liver problems, osteo problems, anything. "No, but if she continues on the same curve she is now, she'll likely only be 5 feet tall, maybe a little less." Gasp! The horror! How appalling that she might be the same height as me! She'd rather stick more needles in her than see Genny short. Short people got no reason to, short people got no reason to, short people got no reason to live...

On to skating...talked with my coach at length about team practice on Monday. With her new choreography, I was concerned that some of the weaker members might get injured. She inserted a new deceptively simple back slip sequence. Back slips look easy, but I've seen at least one skater fall back and crack open their head on the ice trying to practice them. And I'm not talking a little bump and ow! but a split open your head, blood all over the ice, mega-stitches injury. The coach didn't seem particularly concerned that such an injury would take place on the team, but she didn't seem particularly concerned about preventing it either. She's not being callous, that's just figure skating for you. You skate long enough, you get injured--somehow, some way you get hurt. And then she asks me how I feel about the team, am I too bored because I'm not challenged. Huh? She tells me I'm one of the four strongest skaters on the team. Which is either giving me a compliment or not saying much about the team, maybe a little of both. Again with the huh? This is the same coach who ripped me a new one last week, dropping me on my plump little butt, calling me an embarrassment to her teaching ability. So it appears that her reputation concerning me is fine in regards to team skating but not singles. Go figure. Heh. Go figure. Heh, I'm so funny.

Need to get going on my Angel fic before I chicken out. Apparently the Angel in my head doesn't coincide with what other fic writers are doing. And I didn't even ask for him! I'm a total Spander-slut! And then he shows up instead. What is wrong with my brain? If he's some wannabe Angel, I'd wish he'd shut up and leave me alone. I like to listen to music in my car without him telling me what a right bastard he is, how he's so fucked up. Sucks to be him. Sucks to be anyone trying to tear down that broody wall of his too 'cause he gets you right where you live if you try, sneaky bastard. Just stop glowering and get outta my head, goddammit! Sssshhh...pretty Angel...:::pets sulky vampire:::tries to find a Spike or a Wesley for him to's okay...didn't mean you lots...kisses.
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