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Another day, another drabble

Well, here's my contribution for this week's open_on_sunday challenge.
This week's theme is one of the seven deadly sins or one of the seven virtues.

Wesley heard this joke in a pub once:

If you took all the nerves from a man and laid them end to end--that man would die.

Now he knows this isn't true. He is a wire, resonating. A thin line of love.

"Love can be a terrible thing."

He believes this. Love encompasses beauty and terror. Love is a bottle of milk on the stove.

If he could choose anything, it would be this place. To watch a man, his son in his arms.

Hope is a blossom of glass, unfurling in his chest--erupting in a thousand shards of laughter.

I've only posted a few comments to the other postings. They're all wonderful as usual. I'll try to finish up tomorrow.

Sofia (otherwise known as netweight), I owe you many comments! I have printed out your discussion and am reviewing it to try and give you an informed and (hopefully) thought-out reply.
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