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Fic rec: Decline and Fall by lim

Okay, I went over to HP land for lunch because I don't write in that fandom, and I don't have to worry about feeling like an untalented worm that has no grasp of character (Yes, I have issues, my neuroses floss daily!) I read Harry/Draco once in a while because I have a thing for enemy pairings and that's probably an issue there too. But lucky me, I landed on a gem right away.

As I said in my last fic rec, I try to rec lesser known writers and fics that have been passed over. So why am I reccing lim, you ask? She of vid fame who gets a gazillion comments and recs? Because, believe it or not, this fic has been passed over.

And that's a shame because this piece is absolutely stunning: full of *rich* imagery, language, drama balanced with humor, details and *place*. And what's stunning about this are the absences, how she doesn't explain but infers. This is Life After Wartime and consequences, the consequences so large that it turns out not be Life After Wartime after all, but Life During Wartime Again. And love, because there has to be Love During Wartime too.

Now I'll be the first to admit that girly Draco and woobie Draco and all the fanon that goes with that just wig me out a bit. But this one, wow, he's still a bit of an ass, yet a bit charming nonetheless. He's older and his worldview's changed a bit. Why? Because of the War. And I *love* that we only get hints of that War here, no drawn out explanations for the living or the dead. And this Harry isn't perfect, still struggles with that image, but he steps up because he's Harry *freaking* Potter and what else is he supposed to do?

Of course there are other characters that we know here, but I don't want to give too much away (although I can safely say that the Snape here is wonderful too). There are also new characters just as richly drawn out.

And Potterdom just passed this one by. Such a huge fandom and Harry/Draco such a huge ship within it. And they just passed it by. Maybe because of the novella length, but this is a fandom that readily reads *novels*. The few who did leave comments mentioned the style as difficult, but the style *makes* this one work. Completely readable and engrossing. And they just passed it by...

Decline and Fall (on author's website but feedback button links back to LJ) by lim
190kb / 31369 words
Post-war, Hogwarts, Snape
Blood will out. Even unto the tenth generation. Blood will out.
Tags: recs
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