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Apparently I want what I can't have

While so many are offline due to Potterdammerung, LJ went and hit the PANIC button again over at lj_biz. *sigh* I have no idea if the timing is nefarious or simply clueless.

But no more underage fic, zomg! *points to sex-ass icon where the characters are SEVENTEEN in the source text* So I can sit and watch Clark and Alicia get it on, but I can't write about it. Heh. But wait, if I write it *well* enough, then it passes the Miller test. But wait, if I write it *well* enough, it's prurient and doesn't. *confused*

And yeah, Potterdom where for all seven books of the source text over half the characters are under eighteen.

It's all baddirtywrong because people under eighteen should not have *genitalia* or *feelings* and we should never-ever-ever write that Coming of Age fic. Which, um, isn't that one of the Five Main Stories that humankind has told over the campfire for tens of thousands of years? Because Sleeping Beauty has to be Disneyfied and Gilgamesh and Enkidu never touched each other like that and Lot's daughters made that agreement but we can't talk about it. OH NOES!

But hey, if I want to write that high school murder mystery and describe the murder in horrific detail, that's fine! YAY!

All this just makes me want to read/write SV S1 Clark/Whitney (why isn't there more? *whine*), BtVS S3 Buffy/Faith (which I have written) and DCU 17-year old Dick Grayson angsting and sexing up everyone. Oh and 6th or 7th year Harry/Draco.

Because you never know what you *need* until someone takes it away from you. Which they won't because they don't have that kind of people-power to sift through individual entries. Seriously. So it's either going to be Strikethrough Redux slash and burn or a whole lot of nothing.

But, er, I really need to get my S1 Clex fic, the cookie jar thing, posted over at SSA. Definitely a teenage voice in that one. *paranoid*
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