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Death on Film, brought to you by LJ

Someone on JF reports that LJ hosted an execution video.

Of course, they did this in the fandom lounge community so it didn't quite belong.

But it does bear relevance considering the fandom furor with LJ/6A and the recentness of IBARW.

Because the video in question is the most blatant violation of ToS ever. The video shows a hate-crime motivated double murder/execution. Two people died on camera in front of a swastika. The video has been removed, but no further action had been taken against the OP.

Preliminary censorship is, of course, impossible on the Internet," Nosik says. "People post what they feel must be posted, and write what they feel must be written. There is a list of things that LiveJournal users agree not to do, but posting pictures of an execution is not on the list. There is a clause forbidding comments that incite ethnic hatred, but whether it applies to this particular video is an open question.

-- Anton Nosik, a representative of Sup, that oversees the Russian section of LiveJournal
cited from RFE/RL article, bolding mine

I suppose the pen is mightier than the sword if comments to incite ethnic hatred can get one banned but actually beheading someone and posting it on LJ doesn't.

Internet users calling themselves defenders of the white race or Russian nationalists are continuing to discuss who and what's behind the video. The members of one fascist Internet community have expressed the opinion that the recording is a provocation, posted in order to give the state a pretext to put pressure on nationalist groups. Internet users less inclined toward analytical efforts said simply they hoped to see more such films soon.

--from "A Tangled Web" by Danila Galperovich (article in sidebar on above article link), bolding mine

Doesn't that count as "inciting ethnic hatred"? And if fan artists can be banned or suspended for "obscene" artwork, shouldn't violent and orchestrated death be considered "obscene"? This had been a video of an *actual* crime. Two *real* people experienced humiliation, pain and death.

I question LJ's priorities about what's a violation of ToS.

You know, looking at the Snarry *drawing* made me raise my eyebrow (at LJ). This makes me physically ill. Seriously.

ETA: Russian Says He Posted Execution Video

ETA: Hatred and Ugliness (from the 08/15/07 entry of "The Accidental Russophile", Blogspot): OP identified by LJ user name, many links
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