Romany (romanyg) wrote,

Just another year older.

Once again, I am a prime number. At least in years. Forty-one. Yikes! Now I am solidly (pats belly full of cake) in my forties. And yes, I did find my first gray hair the other day, why do you ask? *prunifying*

I hope I got a chance to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I may have even done so more than once if you have multiple journals. Because my memory, she is not so good.

But birthday largesse (and thanks!):

caoilainn and a bashful anonymous person (thank you, unknown sentient being!) sent me e-certificates. Thank you! I shall spend them wisely! If, er, cheesecake and comic books could be considered wise. *g*

lim sent me a fun e-card and the Romanitas enjoyed it muchly. I had to replay it again. And again. And...well, hours of family enjoyment. Thank you!

morganichelle, mskatej and snycock gave me lovely virtual goodies for my user info page. Thank you!

The Romanitas each got me a little something this year. My oldest gave me two pairs of earrings and the youngest gave me a necklace suitable for a six-year old (which she happens to be). It did not fit. "Oh," she said quite innocently as I struggled to clasp it, "Can I have it?" She's been wearing it for the past four days. I think I need to teach her the concept of 'take-backs' and why that is not a good thing. Although, I have a sneaking suspicion that she already knows. I'm not sure whether to be irked by her bad manners or proud of her cunning. Can I be both?

The earrings from my little drag prince (do you know how hard it is to find boy's clothes for a slender, petite, eight-year old girl? Boy's shoes? The skater-boy haircut is a little easier to manage. *g*), on the other hand, are quite me.

Mr. Romany gave me an all-in-one thingiemabob (copier, scanner, printer). I'll figure it out soon. *g*

There is no more cake (home-made lemon by me, free-form icing by the Romanitas). This makes me sad.

crosspost warning: JF, IJ, GJ and LJ.
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