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Thoughts: Smallville 7x07, "Wrath"

Best. Episode. in a loooong damn time. I'm all hand-flaily with the awesome. AWESOME! So if you're expecting me to be thinky and


Oh show, I love you!

Seriously, I asked and the SV gods provided. CLARK gets LAID! And the earth moves, not once, but several times! Broken barn posts!

And no, you cannot talk me out of my Lana love right now. No! Because she's funny: "Usually comes with a card that says, 'Sorry I wrecked your car' or 'I accidentally slept with your sister'." Hee! She gets her serious bitch on and kicks ass, even Clark's. She spits out some hard truths while doing it, as well as after. And she takes freaking responsibility for it, doesn't want that pedestal. She did those things and wants Clark to see her as she really is. And how's that for turn-around and continuity?

"Say something," Clark said to her last season when he, finally, revealed everything.

And how heart-breakingly GREAT is it that the credits fade in, now, without Clark giving her an answer either way?

Because it's about truth, people. Being naked and revealed and there is no Eden. Not anymore. There are bushels full of apples and they all have juice on their chins.

Except Lex says that Clark doesn't. And how wonderful is that? She'll lose Clark if she crosses that line, kills Lex. He says this to disarm her of course, as he's disarmed her so many times this season. But he freaking believes it. And he KISSES her! She kisses him back! Clark doesn't, can't, understand who we are, he says. But you and me, let's just get in that car and drive. Moral freaking exile with Clark holding the keys, alone on the curb.

Later, Lex may get all sputtery and glary with Clark the Betrayer and the 'Heh, she still wants me' and his talk of obsession. Is Lex really the one to talk about obsession? Yes, he is! Obsession outlasting love? Nah, the love's still there and it's twisted and holding a *smooth* glass of scotch.

He still blames Clark for everything. The man just cannot get over it. Look what you did to me her! YES!

The next scene, the next scene!, has Chloe telling Lana to take a good look around. Not to pull a Lex with the rationalizing and any means to an end. And how awesome is it that Chloe is the moral arbiter here with the smackdown? THIS MUCH! Can you say wonderful juxtaposition? Yes, you can!

Just hash marks all over the place. Tic tac toe. Nobody wins. Love doesn't conquer all, because conquering just makes all the walls fall down. Debris scattered everywhere.

It might be time to pack up your bags, Clark. The exit from Eden's to your left. Hurry up, the world's waiting. Lois is already at the Daily Planet, getting the scoop, holding her own (and making jokes about Joan Jett - you like the funny ones, Clark, the ones who can kick your ass, you know you do).

Oh, and pick up that cape on the way out.

Because, er, Braniac? You opened that jar, Clark. Get a move on. Otherwise Lex is going to try to save the world with his shiny jigsaw and sad little missing puzzle pieces. Not a good idea.

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