Romany (romanyg) wrote,

[FAIL!] I don't like my life so I'll just use yours...

This won't make Fandom Wank because it's rightfully serious business: fandom graverobbing. Yes, someone (at this point, I even doubt the gender) not only plagiarized the late thamiris's fic, but her posts, even her comments. And then came up with the usual lame-ass "I'm the victim here, poor pitiful me" when caught. And someone so well known, so well respected and mourned? Fandom carries a big banghammer. Trouble is, this person probably likes it or something. The stupidcrazycakes, it burns.

Funnier stuff: Lee Goldberg finally reads Scalzi's post re: OTW and has something to say.

My favorite quote: " fiction is usually devoid of character description, including each character's idiosyncrasies and each character's unique way of talking and dealing with others, because its writers assume that fanfic readers already know the characters. In typical fan fiction there is not even a physical description of the characters. That means that the work is incomplete and cannot stand on its own, and therefore it has limited artistic merit."

Yeah, because I *really* need to put on my clunky, chunky boots of EXPOSITION and physically *describe* SUPERMAN and BATMAN. All y'all have no clue what they look like, I'm sure. *sporfle*

Per usual, I owe comments. If the power doesn't go out *again* (major storm), I'll get on that.
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