Romany (romanyg) wrote,

Feeling random.

I owe comments!

Do you want to know why I did not do an episode review of "Gemini"? Because I have not seen the last 14 minutes of "Gemini" since the universe conspires against me in the shape of children who accidentally turn off my TiVO! *cries*

So I console myself with this absolutely lovely modeling days!Welling picspam over at jeannev's place. Floppy haired and *young*! Although, if you notice my icon, I'm one of the proud few liking the bearded, burly Tom. Is that the waist of a fat man? I think not!

Seriously, I don't get the skinny thing. More skinny people for you, I guess. My stepmother (who is the best grandma to my kids in the world, btw), mentioned in a voice of *sadness* that my youngest would not have Bird Legs when she grew up. Dude, I'm going to have to beat the pervs away with a STICK when she hits puberty. Since when is Bird Legs a compliment? And then she said that I was full of SOUR GRAPES because I've never had skinny legs. ???? I'm the first to admit that I'm full of frump now, but when I had my curves? I liked them. And so did more than a few other people (my number is a bit higher than I like to admit even with me knowing how to use the word 'no' on occasion - and I've been off the market since I was *25*). Next, someone's going to tell me 'flat ass' (which is also something I've *never* had, thank you) is a compliment and then I'll *know* I've landed in BIZARRO world.

The curvy women and burly guys out there? Love your body. Because I do. You are SEX ASS. *kicks fashion industry and their stick figures of PAIN*

Speaking of sexy Bizarro and young!Tom, ivorykiss has icons up for grabs.

Okay, the Bruce/Dick people out there? Convince me. I can see the appeal, I suppose, but I also see the WRONG. But part of me sees Bruce touching any of the batclan *that* way as a world of fail. Bruce/Barbara is DCAU canon and I still think "Bruce, you FAIL!" But he's one messed-up dude, so it's possible, and his messed-uppedness is *interesting*. So this is me in the drawn-and-quartered position of ambivalence. And this isn't me sputtering with the zomg!Bruce/Clark (YAYZ!) necessarily because in some ways Clark is pseudo-batclan.

Final question:

What kind of music does Bruce Wayne listen to?

All that ballet and opera attending has rubbed off - classical!
He's a jazz freak, baby!
He rocks out in the batmobile. What? Dean Winchester invented the metallicar?
Motown. He puts on the Marvin Gaye because it works!
World music. He picked it up during his travels.
Pop ballads. If you tell anyone, he will dangle you from a rooftop.
Alternative and edgy. Beat the system!
Country and western. The pain - he knows it, feels it.
Sea chanties. You do not ask why, he's the goddamn Batman!
Ambient. Relaxation, let him show you it.
He hip hops to the beat.
Ratpack and crooners of yesteryear.
Swing! Bat-Daddy-O!
Nothing. He'll have time to listen to music when he's dead!
Other. He's a mystery you can't possibly comprehend.
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