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A plate of screws and a hammer to go with them

Okay. I just wrote and *posted* my worst drabble ever in open_on_sunday. I've never been one for lush prose. I can usually get away with sparse imagery. Sparse can be good. A plate of bones. Here is a plate of bones.

No. Bones are too organic, have too much molecular resonance.

So I present to you a plate of screws. Well, that's still an image. So I'll hide them. I'll just *tell* you there's a plate of screws. And then I'll take this hammer and pound your head in while I scream in your ear the meaning of my drabble.

I should just let you look at the plate of screws.

No, I'll think I'll just take this hammer and pound my own skull in. Don't want to hurt anyone.

Solomon said: Cut the babe in half and give one to each.

The real mother said: Take him.

Now Angel stood facing Lilah, Connor in Holtz's arms. So close he could smell him.

How often had he said, "Make it worth me while, I might let the child live?"

No time for memory, irony. Death smiles at his boy. He has no choice but choice.

"Take him." Angel tells Holtz. "Take him."

The Quortoth portal opens. Holding the baby tight, Holtz leaps through. The portal closes.

Angel sinks down on all fours. Connor is not the one split in two.

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