Romany (romanyg) wrote,

Drive-by rec

Guess what I happened to find in a lonely little corner of LJ? Guess!

Remember when giants walked among us? Those BNFs that were entranced by this new show called Smallville and have since moved on to other fandoms? Or just moved on. Well, it's a campfire tale to me, but some of you do.

So yeah, like that.

Of That City, the Heart by slow_education

SV AU (If My Own Private Idaho and Smallville had a bastard child, it might look something like this.)

I know. You're thinking, um, what? But it works! The language in this is just so *honed*. Harsh and beautiful. And this has one of the best opening lines ever.

This is older and unfinished (probably why it reminds me of the classic great writers of this fandom), but *so* worth the read.
Tags: recs
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