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Just how friendly do you want me to be?

It seems that a lot of my LJ friends are having a bad day. A bad week. A bad year. As debg said (and she was quoting someone else), "It looks like 2004 has forgotten the safe word."

I've tried to extend my sympathies when I can. I do have to admit that when I first signed on, the hug/kiss/grope/lick stuff kind of freaked me out. But then I realized that it was just part of LJ-culture, troop-grooming for comfort and community. I seriously doubt that the halls of WriterCon are going to be full of RL hugging/kissing/groping/licking (Hee! Wouldn't that be fun though?).

Unfortunately, I think I've inadvertantly overstepped the boundary with some of my more sedate friends. Some people don't want to be kissed or groped by me, even on LJ. I apologize if I've become over-familiar with anyone.

::licks _green_:: I know *you* want it, baby!

So I've set up a poll to see how far you want me to go and where you want me to draw the line. Oh, and please feel free to comment too!

How friendly do you want me to be?

Words of sympathy only. Let's keep this cordial
Hugs are good. I like hugs. What's a hug between friends?
Kisses are fine. But no tongue!
Tongue me, baby! Let me know I've been kissed.
Lick and grope me. But keep it above the waist, okay?
Make sweet love to me.
Bend me over and do me now!
I'm nobody's bottom. You bend over. Yeah. Like that.
*Yawn* Wake me up when we get to the kinky stuff, okay?
Oh. My. God. Defriend me now.
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