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Thinky Thoughts: Asexuality and Porn in Fandom.

Okay, I'm kind of in a funk right now. I get that way when I write like crazy and just hit the emotional (and physical - God, I'm tired) wall. First off, I get a little disconnected with fandom because I'm not reading much or interacting, and my multifandom (and nonfandom) flist has grown unmanageable--to the point that I have no clue *where* to jump in. Guilt! Things are going on with you and I'm not there! I suck.

And I don't think I'm going to jump in soon because I'm betaing right now and have to leave in a few days for family.

So of course, this means I have Thoughts. *g*

Late last night, I followed a link to and got to thinking about fandom. The home page article, about an outsider's perspective, mentions the author's surprise about finding out that one of his friends, when he thought it was another, turned out to be asexual. And he mentions that part of his surprise stemmed not only from his friend's own physical attractiveness (because there's the societal assumption that the beautiful should not only be desired but desire in turn) but the fact that his friend had a number of celebrity crushes. Asexuality is not necessarily synonymous with aromance or even asensuality.

This got me to thinking about that poll a few weeks (months?) back where the polltaker wanted to collect information regarding fic writing and authors' gender identification as well as sexual orientation. Asexuality, often ignored or forgotten by the porn sector of fandom, is an orientation and that ticky-box was offered as an option of the poll. And I have to wonder how many people declined to take the poll, check that box, because the results were 'viewable to all'. Yes, there's a stigma associated with the orientation. I have my suspicions that the numbers in fandom are larger than the poll results would suggest. And yes, I have to admit that I suck and let my curiosity push that button of 'view results'. This was a panfandom poll so many of the names weren't familiar to me. But a few of them were. And my own biases and preconceptions reared its not-so-beautiful hydra head and blinked.

Because yes, they're here. And yes, they're writing porn. And I can tell you that the percentage of kickass porn written by admittedly asexual authors is just as great as that by authors of other orientations.

What this means, if it has to mean anything, I don't know. What I do know is that the lives and minds of asexual people are just as intricate as those of sexual people, their needs and desires, that perhaps the dichotomy of asexual/sexual is a forced one, a false binary system. That perhaps asexuality has its own rich spectrum.

I'm still learning. Please feel free to debate.
Tags: fandom, meta, thinky thoughts
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