Romany (romanyg) wrote,

She Returns! Smallville - Where's the Bruce?

I'm back! And I'm fragile and oh so slow. Migraine! For two days! I'd cry but that would hurt too much. I owe comments (48 in messages, eep!) and I'll reply as soon as I can.

I'm not caught up with Smallville yet, this is why I haven't posted a review in quite some time. Plus I'm watching it irrationally because I keep waiting for Bruce to show up. Which, yeah, never going to happen. But wouldn't that be something? *sigh* Can you imagine the ratings if CW promo'd it correctly (ha! *snicker*)? The reinvigoration of fandom? The flurry of meta? The ship wars? Ship wars, you say? Oh yeah. For someone who's *never* been on the show, this guy shows up in a lot of fic regardless. There are already Bruce/Clark people, Bruce/Lois people, Bruce/Lex people, Bruce/Chloe people. Even if we just see his trouser cuff disappearing into a limo and a shot of *Alfred* saying, "Master Bruce," the flailiness of fandom. The flailiness! *nods*

But the downside - who could they possibly cast as a young Bruce Wayne? It would *have* to be an unknown with the necessary charisma and gravitas. And yeah, good luck with that.

I just want a glimpse, a foreshadowing, of the *other* friendship of legend. Is that so wrong? *sigh*

Ow! My head. *curls into tiny ball*
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