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Meme!: I'm so singular and interesting.

I nicked this meme from femmenerd who posted it, well, a while ago.

So here's a list of my interests that I - yep, only me, the special snowflake - have on my interests list:

absent thirds

We have our OTPs, yes? But me, I fail at the soulmate thing. Life's kind of messy and people are drawn together for all kinds of reasons, romance-wise, sex-wise, what have you. Revenge, lost love or just purely missed, a third may ghost that bedroom. This doesn't have to be a sexual thing necessarily. The death of a parent, child, friend, can bring two people together in grief, comfort. Life asserts itself that way, balances out.


Those who've known me through a few fandoms know that I don't necessarily like to split OTPs - I like to mix them together! Plus, I suspect, this might make for a very happy Clark.


I have to admit that I put this one there thinking of Smallville and their iterations. No Bruce on Smallville, you say? Ha! We *know* he's there in that verse, lurking in the shadows, traveling Europe, Asia, *somewhere*. Plus in the Smallville universe, every rich boy went to Excelsior. Only one prep school in the nation. This makes about as much sense as the show itself. Also, I might be writing that. *coughs*


While Bruce/Selina and Bruce/Diana may be the most popular het Bruce pairings, I can't forget my excited wee self reading the original Talia storyline. I haven't reread those issues in fear of losing the magic. I know she's a bit too messed up in modern continuity, but I'm a Bronze Age child. *is old*


While I rail against Miller, he did bring Vicki Vale back. Only she's not her kick-ass Golden Age self (nor even Tim Burton's version as played by Kim Basinger). Rescue Vicki, fandom! She's a witty redhead, Gotham's version of Lois Lane, Bruce has to be smitten. Imagine the repartée!


Okay, those who know me also know I like the OT4s. And not just in a 'Wouldn't that be HOT!' way. I like the angst, humor, emotions, all the messy human (yeah, vampires with emotions too) stuff. Being lazy, I haven't actually written this, but I used to whine about it a lot. *g* On the other hand, both netweight (Till the Next Time the World Ends) and redbrickrose (Of Infinite Space) have.


Two reporters...certainly not impossible that these two have met. Does fandom give me college or journalism seminar fic? Two reporters, different papers, competing for the same story fic? No, it does not! So these two aren't an OTP forever kind of thing, but it would be fun. *g*

connor on ice

Okay, this one resulted from my bleary brain watching the U.S. Figure Skating Nationals one year. I had one eye on the screen and thought, "Huh, Johnny Weir kind of looks like Vincent Kartheiser..." I posted this observation and (some) people agreed with me! *wins* dessert_first even wrote some comment fic with Connor Reilly, figure skating champion. Destiny! There may have even been talk of Weir/Kartheiser RPS. *coughs*


This resulted from my going multi-fandom and having to squish my interests list to accommodate. I'm sure people have darla/angel and/or darla/angelus. I just squished them together.

dcu trinity

This refers to, of course, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, the three major icons of the DC Universe. I just *really* like their dynamic and it doesn't have to be in a sex way (I have clark/bruce/diana on my interests list for that). Their friendship, what it represents...I don't know, it's hard to explain. Let's just say that little girl I used to be, the one who went to the comics shop twice a week, got so much out of the three of them working together.


Here I go with the OT4s again. This one is for my own selfish reasons since I've been working on the 1958 Earth-2 version of these four. I just *needed* to read this and couldn't find it anywhere. I've been distracted, but I'm going to finish this one - simply because no one will write it for me. *g*


Same thing. Two know they've met. Had to. Does fandom give me this either? Sadly, no. This one would be fun too. *g*

Apparently, I get extra credit (a tiara, a virtual cookie) for having created interests that others now share.


Yes, I was the first! How did this happen? I have no clue. People kept talking about these three being their OT3 in Jossverse. But me, I made the *commitment* and created the interest. *g*


Yes, from LOST. My solution to triangles is to make them fun (or angsty) for everyone. Eventually, people agreed on this one. For a while, I also had jack/sawyer/kate/ana lucia (which would have gone on the 'I'm the only one' list if I still had it) because of my OT4 thing. Hey, it would have worked! Juliet, sadly, doesn't fit as a replacement for Ana Lucia in this regard. *mopes*

pretty people kissing

Well, I had pretty boys kissing, as well as pretty girls kissing, both very popular, on my list but I couldn't think of the het equivalent because I wanted all the varieties there. And then it hit me, *people* includes everybody. You know, insert gender(s) here. So I made and then kept that one. A few other people decided they liked it too. *g*

I don't have Lana/Chloe/Clark/Lex on my (OT4) interests list. If I ever get back to "Détente", I may amend that.

I also don't have Bruce/Jezebel on my interests list. And yes, this would also be singular. Fandom, it seems, does not care for her. I may add this one as well, because I'm all contrary like that. *g*
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