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[Yayzity!] Runner-uppedness, recs and trope/ship ramblings.

Yes, I'm still hopelessly behind in all things. Summer is upon us and the *stress*! For now there are *activities* and I have to mastermind the Romanitas blissful, carefree summer. Not easy when it reached 111 degrees here last week and even the squirrels and birds that frolic through our trees said, "Forget this, I'm taking a *nap*!" Grown people fighting over popsicle boxes at the stores.

Even my father, who's supposed to be freezing his butt off 320 miles north of the arctic circle as we speak, has said that it's rather balmy in the polar regions (high 40's). Melty ice! Bugs! Cranky polar bears!

But I turn your attention away from scary summer heat to bounce for my runner-uppedness. Turns out that I runner-upped for not one but two fics for WFA 2007. Here's the nominee list for the curious. This is a first for me so I'm yazity. Congratulations to the winners!

So all of this happened for a few weeks ago. *sheepish* Because of my schedule, I haven't been reading much of the flist or fic lately, but I do have a few recs.

Best Served Cold by theclexfactor. Bruce/Clark, Clark/Lex, NC-17. Take Smallville, DCU, The Authority and Kill Bill, mix them together and you get this AU. Currently at chapter nine but not done yet.

The House of Earth by jen_in_japan. DCU AU in which a few thousand Kryptonians escape their planet's destruction to colonize - and enslave - Earth. This is not your happy-sex-funtime slave fic, which is Not My Thing because Issues, but rather one that considers the insidiousness of such a culture. Prologue plus four chapters so far but not done yet.

Ghosts by harmless_one. DCU. Bruce/Clark, Batclan, not rated but I'd give it a PG-13. Wayne Manor is haunted. Clark doesn't mind. This one made me *cry*. Only one other fic *ever* has made me do that. Harmless is one of the unsung talents of fandom. I would overclip my nails to write like she does.

Narrowed Down to Nothing by zeldadestry. Smallville futurefic, Clark/Lex, not rated (PG-13). He doesn’t even feel human most of the time. It takes a lot to upset him, a lot to make him happy. His feelings have faded to the point where he remembers them more than he experiences them. Zelda's another unsung talent. No one reads her because she only posts to yuletide and underthemistletoe. The rest of the time, she just posts to her own journal. But this one, wow, so bleak and *really* captures the the eternalness and alienness of Clark, the thin thread of connection he has.

Okay, this one's an author rec. giantsofold came out of *nowhere*, posted fic like crazy for a few weeks and then disappeared again. Who are you? Where are you? Come back! She can *write*, no excess, just yeah, I'll overclip my fingernails *again* just to approach this. Mostly DCU, some DCU/Marvel, some SV/DCU, all Clark-centric. Some ship, some gen. Her *gen*, zomg! Gorgeous.

Twenty Years by obsessive24. Alexander/Hephaistion (vid). Wow, really exquisite. True, not everyone cared for the movie, but that shouldn't stop you from watching this vid. My historical RPS OTP! Made even better by being tru fax. *g*

Okay, those of us who've read early season SV Clark/Lex exhaustively know that the Alexander/Hephaestion trope has been done and done and done to the point where no one uses it anymore because it's been done. Done to the point of cliché. I even had the good sense to edit it out of one of my early fics because, as new to the fandom as I was, I knew better. We all know how Lex and Lionel would use the classic examples, young world conqueror and all that, Alexander's armor with the sorta Kryptonian snakey symbol at the musuem. The friendship of legend, how history leans toward okay they did, the most emotionally binding relationship of Alexander's life. Lex is short for Alexander so that makes Clark...taller (Hephaestion was purportedly taller and more pleasing to the Persian eye than Alexander, funky redhead that he was). *g*

So two quotes:

If you want to be beautiful and good (kalos k'agathos), throw away the rag you have on your head and come to us. But you won't be able to, for you are ruled by Hephaestion's thighs.

- Diogenes to Alexander, letter

Intercrural sex for the win! Funny, but I have *never* seen intercrural in clex fic. But I'm sure someone will prove me wrong. *g* Ecbatana there fell upon Alexander a stunning blow, the loss of Hephaestion. His intimate boyhood love, Hephaestion was gone, the congenial enthusiastic nature which had been so much more to Alexander than Ptolemy's sagacity or Nearchus' careful courage, the friend, more than a friend, and closer than a brother, who alone awoke a gentler emotion in the breast of the lonely Conqueror....

For there come, alike in discouragement and exaltation, to all men, however strong of body or brain, moments of craving, in which the soul gropes blindly for another soul; and the most strong, if he owns this need most rarely, feels it most imperious.

- Plutarch, Life of Alexander

And Clex fans say: Yes, exactly! This is why we *love* this trope. But when I read this quote from a DCU slant, I think, hmmm, Bruce? Because that's the *other* friendship of legend, yes? And certain parts fit Clark & Bruce where they don't necessarily fit with Clark & Lex: close in age, fellow warriors, trust, able to work apart, Bruce's crippling - the closest to defeat he'd ever been - occurring so soon after Clark's death. Bruce angsting about Clark's death (both in DCU *and* Timmverse) while Lex gloated. Also the happenstance of imagery: both Alexander and Clark compared to Apollo, whereas Hephastion's name derives from the Greek god Hephaestus (the later Roman Vulcan), god of industry and blacksmiths that dwells in either a volcano or *cave*. Clark and Bruce are The Big Two, a unit when Bruce steps outside of Gotham. Heroes.

But for some reason, I've *never* seen the Alexander/Hephaestion trope in World's Finest fics. Why is that fandom? But I've never seen intercrural with this pairing either. *g* Thighs of steel though, that's some dangerous stuff right there. Ah, I amuse myself.

Huge post! This is what happens when I don't get a chance to post for weeks at a time. *sigh*
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