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Still here

Decided to post a drabble in open_on_sunday. This week's challenge is LJ moods. I picked "quixotic".

He's never one for grand gestures. Those are for the likes of Angel, you see. Angel has the sweeping coat, the tragic love story. For him, it's yesterday's shirt if he hasn't gambled it away. Divorce. Chasing after the girl in the office.

But now he's kissed the girl, made that leap. There's a dinner he'll never see as he disarms the device, plays the hero. He belongs with a vampire and a princess, but it's here he needs to be. Holding on, his skin starts to crackle, sizzle. The holding on isn't the hard part.

It's the letting go.

I would like to stay and comment on the rest of the drabbles. From what I've seen, they look wonderful. I'll try to do that later tonight.

::hugs you all::
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