Romany (romanyg) wrote,

[FAIL!] You're going public!

You may have already seen this in a gazillion places, but I'm passing it along because certain things should NOT be DONE.

Such as publicly linking a fan's name with their RL info. In several places. In order to generate wank so that the visit count goes up on your site. So that you can generate more ad revenue and make said site (and info) saleable.

Yeah, I didn't get my fandom rulebook either, but I think I'd find that under FAIL! and SHUN! if I had the hardcopy.

Because when the pro- and anti-OTW people hold hands and sing kumbaya over this? We're talking serious breach.

Posts with all the details are here and here.

ETA: I'm speaking of Laura Hale and her fan/fandom wiki. Someone pointed out that while I shouldn't link her site, I should mention her name because this is far and away from her first strike and many might not know who she is and her role in fandom for the past ten years.
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