Romany (romanyg) wrote,

I'm alive!

Wow. I think this is the longest that I've ever been on radio silence, so to speak. Real life is taking *all* of my time. Nothing exciting, but stressful anyway. My glass is half-empty! Not only is it half-empty, but the rim is chipped so I'll cut my lip if I take a drink. And look, there's a fly floating in it. Poor fly. Yes, I'm one of those. *g*

But I'm grateful and *so* late in thanking the people who remembered my birthday (over a month ago now, eep!).

Thank you...

entrenous88 for the lovely e-card.

jeannev, morganichele, mskatej, roya_spirit, svgurl, talitha78 and tmelange for the shiny v-gifts.

baggyeyes for the great icon that I'm using for this very post. Determined Bat!

and zeldadestry for a fantastic 3:10 to Yuma fic - Devils and Pilgrims, All in Accord. It's Ben/Dan and wonderful. Harsh and subtle at the same time. The voices!

Sofia, when asked her age, loved to say, “Mas sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo.” The devil knows more because he’s old than because he’s the devil. A man lived enough, he saw all manner of suffering. A man lived enough, he gave in. A man lived enough, he stopped trying.

Also, thank you to everyone who wished me well on my birthday. My apologies for not thanking you individually.

I've a few comments to catch up on as well as email (over the next few days). Someone must have recced my Mad Men fic after I disappeared into the ether because it's had some play that I need to acknowledge. So I thank you too.

I am now 42 and should be the answer to life, the universe and everything. Alas, I am not.

Also, HI!
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