Romany (romanyg) wrote,

[Huff Puff!] Random Fandom

This is the only Jossverse/Smallville crossover icon that I have. Not that there are too many of them. *g*

So...Writercon 2009 will be in Minneapolis. I reallyreally want to go since I've been to 2004 (Las Vegas) and 2006 (Atlanta), but I need to see how many nickels I can rub together to do that. Also, time is more of a factor for me now. But Jossverse is my first fandom love, and I treasure the friendships that I've made there. Convince me that I have nickels and time!

Whatever happened to that Smallville con that was supposed to happen in 2007, then got postponed to 2008? Did it die an ignoble death?

Speaking of, guess what happened on season premiere night for SV and SPN? My DVR hates me! We get the kidlets snuggled down, turn on the tv and...2 hours of infomercial! What?!? But! I finally saw the first ep of SV, so yay! I'll catch up with the rest soon. I haven't been able to get my hands on the first ep of SPN however, so boo!

Rumor has it that nwhepcat is now writing SV! I'm not back to fic-reading mode yet, but I look forward to diving into those.

Catching up slowly: I've filtered out all my comms and am at skip=eleventybillion, just reading the personal posts to see what you've been up to while I've been offline.

Also, I've finally seen Iron Man!

ETA: Slight spoilers for SV 8x01 in comments.
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