Romany (romanyg) wrote,

Skip=ZOMG! and zother things

Wow. I *just* finished reading through skip=zomg! on the flist. And it only took me a week and a half! \o/ No fic, and I didn't comment on most of them, but I *read* them. (I don't filter anything/anyone out but comms.)

Please, oh please, never let me fall that behind again.

I just drove Mr. Romany to the airport so that he can cavort with fellow fanboys. This is a big deal for him - he's not the biggest social butterfly in the world. He doesn't even like going out to the movies because there are *people* there.

And I promised the littlest Romanita that I'd take her to go see HSM3 this weekend. The things I do. *g*
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