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Review: Sherlock, "A Study in Pink", 1.01

On the advice of a friend, I decided to give the American premiere of Sherlock a try.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a thing for sharp cheekbones, witty banter and a sweeping coat. Ah, I loves me a sweeping coat! Although I haven't been very fannish recently, I decided to give this updated version of Sherlock Holmes a try.

"A Study in Pink" is clearly a first episode, in that it's a bit wobbly on its legs. First we meet Watson and his flashbacks. He's still a veteran, but one with a therapist and a blinking cursor on his blank blog. He needs a place to live. Cue the larger than life, off-putting but with an odd charm, Holmes, the requisite meeting in a morgue.

I do have to admit, I liked the coroner and her lipstick. Perhaps it's flashbacks to Forever Knight, but I want to see more of her.

The show, however, couldn't decide how much it wanted to rely on the viewer's knowledge of Doyle's canon. We have the setup of the mysterious archenemy who, we are to presume, is the elusive Moriarty. Haha! It's Mycroft, we learn at the end of the episode, Holmes's brother. Also, there are laughs that are only there if we're aware of the original's cocaine habit - here displayed by the three nicotine patches on Holmes's arm for 'thinking', as well as the worried look on his face when half of London's police force is doing double-duty tearing apart his flat looking for a narcotics bust as a strong-arm tactic. Heh.

Unfortunately, fan-service, of late, annoys me. Yes, fan-service in the *first* episode. Although, I know, I'm supposed to have that tingly, ooh they went there feeling. No. It's all for laughs. "I'm not his date!" Yeah, what decade is this? Especially since we're clobbered over the head with Watson's heterosexuality as he tries (what?) somewhat ineptly to come on to Mycroft's assistant. Whatever. Yawn.

Plus, usually clueless me was muttering, "The butler did it! It's the cab driver!" when no one else on screen could figure out why the GPS signal was in 221B. Sigh. And was that showdown scene in the college library so similar to The Princess Bride that we could almost quote it word for word? Yes or yes? No one shouted "Inconceivable!" but they might as well have. They're both iocane powder! Obviously, Mr. Aneurysm Cabbie has been to Australia and developed an immunity! Sherlock has not! Or has he? Watson saves the day by being a crack shot and we never find out, alas.

I'm willing to give this a few more episodes. Kind of like a first date that I'm not sure about. Besides, we all know I loves me a sweeping coat.
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