Romany (romanyg) wrote,

The spammers made me purple!

With laughter and rage that is. I've neglected my in-box for far too long and just had to delete a kabillionity spam comments. Like hyenas, they've sensed that this is a dying journal. Sigh. This gazelle's not dead yet!

RL is still BLARGH! but I'm once again taking a WoW break. I just got hit by a big ol' bucket of "Why am I doing this again?", especially since I have growing Romanitas, and did the LOG OUT of doom. WoW will go on without me, I'm sure. *g*

Glee - The Romanitas *love* this show, and I can't say that it's such a burden to watch it with them. *g*

American Idol - Yes, everyone's pretty much left the party on this one, but the Romanitas sucked me into this one too.

Breaking In - I didn't even *know* this had Rosenbaum in it until I couldn't get off the couch to switch from AI when it premiered. Rumor has it that this show is saying buh-bye. Which is too bad! I like it.

Camelot - Aside from the magnificent Eva Green and Joseph Fiennes, I'm struggling to hold interest in this one. Alas.

Game of Thrones - ZOMG! I love this show! The closest I've been to fannish in a long time.

Treme - So far, the second season isn't as strong as the first. But like The Wire, it just *sneaks* up on you.

Other shows, such as Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire, are on hiatus, but I'm sure I'll watch them when they return.

A long time coming: Thank you, denyce and discord26 for the lovely v-gifts.

Is everyone on Dreamwidth now? I do not know the fannish climate anymore!

In other words: Hi!
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