Romany (romanyg) wrote,

I have no idea what to say.

So yeah, doing my yearly check-in. I guess? It seems less and less people are around these days. Are you all on tumblr now?

Speaking of tumblr, someone camped my fan-name. Yes, romanyg is taken, but it's an empty journal. ROM ANGRY! ROM SMASH!

Also, I shall attempt to upload my fics to AO3. This will take me about, er, 20 years or so to accomplish. But this is what all the young kids do these days? I mean, I know all the *really* young kids do Wattpad. But everyone *else* is storing to AO3. Yes or yes? And surprise - a pleasant one! - some of my SV fic is already there since SSA went down and the kind folks at AO3 transferred all and sundry. But I have some figurings out to do to get anything else up there my own self. *sigh*

*sheepish wave* Hi!
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