Romany (romanyg) wrote,

Fan Art and dinner.

Runkirya on tumblr made and posted this drawing inspired by an old Clark/Bruce fic of mine. Yay! I'm always pleasantly surprised and grateful when someone is inspired by something I've done. I don't get asked "May I...?" regarding any of my fics very often.

This is the first time someone completely bypassed my LJ to do it though. Because LJ is like that town in Cars now. *sad face*

Also, when I say old fic, well, mine are *all* old. Urgh. I might be working on that. Maybe.

So my kids are no longer the wee Romanitas they were when I first set foot in fandom. They're both teenagers now. As they were helping me set up for dinner, the oldest noticed the music I had on.

"Hey, nice dinner music you've got going on there, Mom. Is this your jam?" *smirk*

[Instrumental Big Band is on in the background]

"It's research," I said.

"No!" *blink and pause and then smile* "Are you writing again? That's awesome!"

"I might be. I haven't gotten that far yet."

"OMG! Steve/Bucky! It is, isn't it?"

"No. Maybe. Yes. It's complicated."

"Complicated? Everyone and their mother is doing Steve/Bucky. Steve/Sam?"

"It's complicated. And maybe a crossover. I'm jinxing it by saying this much."

"Oh yeah, I know that one."

And then the younger one said, "Hey, I got three paragraphs down the other day..."

Yes, dinner conversation at my house. *facepalm*
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