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Well, I'm slowly getting back into the LJ mode. I've started commenting on my FL although I owe so many comments to people, especially on the fic which I'm completely backlogged on. I have been reading my FL, but I've found that I'm having an extremely hard time commenting. I have to force myself to type something. Like performance anxiety or something. I can't think of anything insightful or witty to say. This borders close to a panic attack level. I don't know what's wrong with me.

I do adore you all. If I've been silent, it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with me.

Today's icon is brought to you by the lovely and talented nihilistbear. She answered my call to join (well, at least add to her interests list) the wonder of B/S/A. Because if you ask me, "red or blue?", I'll always answer, "Yes!"

Tania (aka itsabigrock), your new hair looks lovely! And you look lovely. If I looked like you, I'd be plastering my image all over the place too. *smooch*

herself_nyc, I've been reading your WIP (although I'm not fully caught up). It's wonderfully compelling!

Randomly hugs cerisaye. Where are you, sweetie? I miss you!

Sofia, I have managed to post in your LJ. I have been thinking of you this past week since the terrorist attacks in Madrid. Please be safe. Please be well.

So I gacked the Similar Minds test from entrenous88 (Jessica, you're one of the ones that I owe comments). And, surprisingly, I'm similar to glossing and eliade, but I'm not compatible with *anybody*. The way I feel now, it figures. *sniffs*

SimilarMinds Compatibility Results
glossing ||||||||| 88% ||||| 53%
settiai ||||||| 74% ||||||| 67%
_green_ |||||||| 78% |||||| 60%
eliade |||||||| 81% |||||| 57%
needfire |||||| 60% |||||| 64%
entrenous88 ||||||| 71% ||||| 54%
cerisaye ||||||| 71% ||||| 53%
kita0610 |||||| 56% ||||||| 66%
swmbo |||||| 60% ||||| 55%
willshenillshe ||||||| 70% ||||| 46%
dlgood ||||| 54% |||||| 57%
alias_lilacgirl |||||| 58% ||||| 52%
knotted_rose ||||| 55% |||||| 55%
spiffarific ||||| 49% |||||| 60%
itsabigrock ||||| 46% |||||| 62%
leni_ba ||||| 49% ||||| 54%
chrisleeoctaves ||||| 48% |||| 43%
similar complementary  
How compatible are you and your friends?

Now I have to go do RL stuff. For which I'm as completely uninspired. *sigh* I suspect that I'm depressed. With a capital D. Oh boy. Sucks.
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