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Drabble thoughts, pimp, and a fic link to me

I've been away for a few days again. Domestic stuff. Don't want to get into it.

Anyways...I didn't do a drabble for open_on_sunday again. Now, I'm even having performance anxiety about drabbling. Hee. I'm going to comment on the postings there as soon as I can. Promise. Really.

Drabbling's a tricky business for me. Takes me about 2 hours to come up with those *leetle* 100 words. Serious. The Wes one, Hope Is a Blossom of Glass, took over 3 hours. I use one to two lines as the backbone (usually the end) and work my way up from there. But the line has to have the strength of bone or else the whole piece is gelatinous. If I treat the drabble as a poem rather than a flash-fic, I find the results more satisfying. I like measuring the weight of each word on the screen, on my tongue. My mouth and ears have to be involved. Can't imagine posting anything without *hearing* how it sounds first. How do the rest of you manage it? Am I completely wacky? Just curious.

Speaking of my glacially paced writing, I took a look at the *first* piece I posted (okay, first written too) to LJ. Hee! It's Spike-centric, NC-17, yadda yadda. Since I posted it before I had any, you know, whatcha-callits ::snaps fingers::, oh yeah, friends, I'm putting a link here. Because I haven't been spanked enough for one day.

One Of Them

I'd like to quick-pimp metaforgirl. She writes epic length S/X and I adore her narrative ability. Her latest is called Apocalypse Laterish. As the title suggests, it's post-apocalyptic. Click on her fanfiction link. It'll be an hour well spent.

Now I'm off to comment! I've gotta hurry before my kids find me! ::rushes off::
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