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Monkey in the Middle, or Does the Order of Your Threesome Matter?

Okay, so I'm a B/S/A shipper. Because I believe in B/A, S/B, and S/A. I feel *all* of those relationships are relevant to the other pairings, and *all* of those relationships are continuous. Plus peanut butter, chocolate, caramel taste better together anyway. Why should I toss out one of the ingredients in favor of the remaining ones? There can be only Two? Bah!

Not that I think those crazy kids have a 100% shot of making things work. If somebody walks away due to the pinning of the angst-o-meter? Not exactly OOC.

Plus we have the other characters who might serve as alternatives, distractions, deterrents, other loves: Xander, Wesley, Faith, Lindsey. Hell, even Riley might be good for a go. I shouldn't leave Willow, Oz, Gunn, or Giles out either. We could throw in the whole character sheet while we're at it. But the first four I mentioned have the most potential to break-up or diversify B/S/A.

B/S/A seems to be growing in popularity as the end of AtS S5 looms ever closer. People are talking, debating, writing about that oh so delicious threesome.

So I'm chatting with a buddy and find out she isn't a B/S/A'er. So? A lot of people aren't. But she likes those three characters. She tells me she prefers B/A/S.

What? Color me confused. There's a difference?

Ta-may-toe, ta-mah-toe, right?

Well, not according to her. She says whoever's in the middle is the focal point of the threesome. And the first two are the primary pairing with whoever's tagged on at the end as being the least important among the three. A third wheel. Or maybe training wheels.

In B/A/S, Angel is the focal point of the threesome and B/A is the primary pairing. S/B and S/A are secondary.

So I do a little research and find out there's a *third* permutation of this threesome: S/A/B, where the primary focus of the threesome is S/A and Buffy is just the ice cream or maybe the marshmallows and cherry (I'm on a diet. I'm hungry. Can't you tell? Feed me. Feed me now, I beg you.).

I guess by this logic that S/B/A would put Buffy in the middle with S/B as the primary pairing. Which isn't where my head's at. Not at all.

These three are so much more complicated than that. The pull of one another in relation to the others would shift, change, be dynamic. Those letters would shuffle about like the tiles on a Rubik's cube. They would be a lava lamp. They would be chiaroscuro.

At least in my opinion. What's yours?

Today's icon is brought to you by the talented nihilistbear. Today's idea is brought to you by the lovely leni_ba.
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