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Well, I'm apologizing *again* for being a slow-poke. I haven't even had time to reply to the Monkey In the Middle comments I received. Thanks to all who commented. I will reply.

But look! Sick children!

::waves congested toddlers in front of you, they whine and crawl back on the couch::

0nlymemories, I'm almost done with your manuscript, hon! I'm usually Speedy Beta. But look! ::points to sick children again::

So I managed to drabble for open_on_sunday. Just cross-posting now. ::points to...yeah, I know:: This week's theme: food/eating.

Sometimes he dreams of blood:

Buffy’s, Lilah’s, Connor’s...Dru’s when he turned her.

Three pulsed down his throat. One merely spattered on his hands.

Sometimes he sees them burning:

Darla and Dru in the warehouse. Spike in the desert.

Sometimes he dreams of water:

Falling, rising. Glass and hunger.

Here he sees Holland Manners, an elevator:

“Home Office, Angel?” he says.

This time he leaps up, heroic.

For in dreams, even a vampire can fly.

“Oh Dru, I can see the stars...”

But, even in dreams, a vampire cannot achieve escape velocity.

He falls--an icarus--into Acathla’s hungry mouth.

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