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Icon-Maker Appreciation Day

So I guess it's Icon-Maker Appreciation Day. Who decides these things? Is there a secret committee? An LJ cabal? Or do these things happen spontaneously? Groundswell and all that? Power to the people! ::pumps fist in air::

I love the icons that I stole have from other people. The time and effort that goes into them is astounding. It's an art. It truly is. I salute you, icon-makers!

And credit should go where credit is due. I always comment when I take an icon and I credit in keywords. I've made my user pictures public on my bio just to ensure that anyone could see the keyword credit.

I want to thank and adore the glorious _green_,circe_tigana, dtissagirl, itsabigrock, and nihilistbear.

Thank you, ladies. Now I want to mack on you all.

Hey, why are you running?
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