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Drive-by recs

Okay, quick, before my kids guilt me off the computer...

Lawless by chrisleeoctaves is post-Chosen B/A the way B/A should be. Definitely not your happy-ever-after mama's B/A. Beautifully dark and understated.

Venial Sins by nihilistbear is hard and wonderful X/J (that's Xander/Jesse--yes, I said Xander/Jesse--that means underage slash) with a surprise guest at the end.

These stories are NC-17. You've been warned; you've been intrigued. Toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe.

Yes, the above are not fresh off the keyboard (I'm not even in the slow lane. I think I'm putting up the frontage road of LJ), but they're worth the read.
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