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It's drabble time again for open_on_sunday. I seem to be managing a drabble every other week. Sloooowpoke. That's me. Well, at least it's somethin'.

Oh yeah, this week's theme: Tori Amos song title. I chose "Finn".

He’s been clean for over three years. Until Sam leaves. Transfer she says.

“Are we getting divorced?”

So he finds himself with four of his buds in this little demon bar off the main drag in Bangkok. He lures her out of the corner with twenty dollars American.

“Oh dog, you gonna do it?”

Yeah, rolls up his sleeve. Watches her eyes watch his as she bites deep, sucks. Oh yeah. Jesus. Forgot.

“Fuck, Finn, you are twisted!”

Jackson winks, tries to hand him a stake. Shoves it and her aside. “Go!” he hisses.

He walks away clean after that.

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