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The Life of Riley

Do you ever drabble and get stuck on idea? I know some of you post drabbles that are excerpts from your longer work or are in the same 'verse. Me, I'm mostly a drabbler. I'm in, then I'm out. That doesn't mean I'm not capable of longer work. I've got the BtVS s5 Spike piece (which nobody read, hear me whine *g*)and the Torture!verse WIP that I do plan to continue. And all the other WIP's that are mouldering in my hard drive and/or brain. But the drabbles? I do them and they're done.

Not this week. I'm stuck on an unpopular drabble. Post-Sunnydale Riley is tromping through Southeast Asia and my brain. He. Won't. Let. Me. Go. He's dark, depressed, divorced. He doesn't believe in the good fight anymore. He's spent a few months in a demon village in Laos, walks the forests of Myanmar with a demon tribe. He's going native and a little bit insane. Tattoos all over his body. Shaves his head because of the heat. But he still works for the government. Goes where they assign him. Kills without question and without sleep. Walks the streets of Bangkok, Manila, Seoul, Saigon. Does all this until he's recalled Stateside. Seems he's been appointed part of the liaison team to deal with a law firm that's suing the government for interfering with it's more powerful demon clients. Meets up with some old acquaintances in the conference room...Yeah. *facepalms--looks for brain*

And see my icon? Not much because I suck at icons. But I like it. I can just see him in the backroom of some bar in Bangkok, bare lightbulb hanging from the ceiling. ::pets screwed-up, tattooed, Deerslayer!Riley::
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