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Of shoes and 'ships and sealing wax

Okay, for all you B/S/A'ers out there (or B/A/S'ers *eyes leni_ba*) who want some basic rules for writing B/S/A, check out "10 Simple Rules to Write A/S/B" by netweight. People are flocking in droves to check out her brilliance. *loves Sofia, loves her long time.*

Uh, wait, now she's goin' to get all popular and...*cries, clings desperately to Sofia*

Okay, I guess I can share. Just, please, leave some for me?

Also, nihilistbear is brave enough to debate Spike and Seeing Red. I know, I know, you don't want to talk about this again. It's hard. But our work here is *not* done. Dialogue, it's all about dialogue, baby.
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