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January 16th, 2005

I discovered LJ was down over the weekend. And even though I've been struggling to be online of late, I felt that jonesy itch when I couldn't sign on. Made me think: What if it all went poof? What if the backups were irrecoverable? Sure I have all my fic on my hard drive but I certainly didn't have all the other entries. And I didn't have downloads or printouts of anyone else's journal either. Years of peoples' lives gone like the Library at Alexandria...

Here's to the resurrection!

boring skating stuffCollapse )

Random wackiness: Mr. Romany joked the other day that there's fanfic about everything. Probably even Power Rangers. Power Rangers is the five-year old Romanita's fandom right now. What can I say about the many incarnations of the show? It's purposefully campy and cheesy. The plotlines are thin, the violence is Disneyfied, and the acting is meh. The show purposefully plays down romance since the intended demographic is 5-8 year olds.

So what do I find when I google "power rangers fanfiction"? Power Rangers fanfiction. Most of it's gen, and what little I read, gloriously bad. Glorious in that written by a 13-year old who may actually become a good writer in a few years way.

But then what to my wondering eyes did appear? A listing for the Power Rangers Erotica webring. Hee! I'm almost tempted to join webring, submit my age statement, to read it. *boggles*

Yes, apparently, there's fanfiction about everything. *g*

Birthdays!: Happy (belated) birthday to uberaeryn, sweptawaybayou, and (today) to kantayra, makd.