January 18th, 2005

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Okay, so I'm about 9 days behind in reading LJ. That's as far as flist skip=1000 will take me--with the downtime from this weekend. I think that I managed to shave a day off of that last night. I'm bookmarking what fic/essays I can so I'm sorry, but I can't feedback for a bit (unless it's under 800-1000 words).

Some things that I've learned over the past few days:

* circe_tigana coordinated a flist swap that spanned many fandoms. How many participated in that anyway? I'm sorry that I missed it. List wife swapping sounds fun. *g*

* redbrickrose doesn't know what "etherosexual" means. And neither do I. Apparently she tried googling the term and couldn't get a clear definition. I tried as well and ended up in the *extreme* alt.dots. We think that we're so transgressive on LJ? Heh. Again I say heh. My eyebrows are still hiding above my hairline. But in the interest of research, I kept foraging and as far as I can figure "etherosexual" is synonymous with "heterosexual". Half of the time, the context is derogatory: "Well, that's *so* ethero of you." Half of the time, the context is self-referential, "As an etherosexual, I can only guess blah blah..." Is this just an anagram (het=eth) or something else? Can someone gently take my hand and explain this to me?

* Apparently there was another plagiarism kerfuffle involving preetybird. And it was bad enough that she deleted her LJ. I'm leaving her crossed out user name on my flist in case she changes her mind. But what happened? Why'd she take her bucket and shovel and go home?

* Nobody missed me. *g*

Off I go to journey back into the past...and it's January 10! Let's see what exciting things happened that day.

ETA: Happy Birthday to dakinigrl!
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