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February 3rd, 2005

Now you see me, now you don't...

I'm back from an exhausting week in Colorado. My team took third...out of three. *g* But no matter, we automatically qualify for Nationals since the top four teams from each section (not enough in the Pacific, obviously) go to Nationals.

So it's three weeks of intense training (I've lost four pounds in less than two weeks--that makes 21 lbs. down from last year and a *lot* to go--whee!) and off to Lowell, MA to get 13th out of 13 (the Midwest and the East get to send an extra team each cause we Other Coasters just can't keep our teams together). *g*

So apparently there was a big Veronica Mars kerfuffle while I was away. I don't even watch the show so, um, yeah, I have no clue. I just miss out on all the frenzied fun.

So now it's off to ballet...*jetés away*

ETA: I signed on to AOL for the first time in a while last night. Of course, immediately, the Romanitas needed my undivided attention and so I hit the "away" button. I clicked off the "away" button a good 15 min. later and the *six* IMs that were there disappeared. If you were one of those six, I have no idea who you were so I apologize! I didn't snub you, honest!